Thank you Arena-net, I’m Lovin the lore!!



Ok so this post was going to be a bit of a negative one…….. As much as i hate to write anything negative about Guild Wars 2 i had been bottling this up for some time now and after the other week when A-net announced that they were going to be adding fortnightly content to the game, as much as wanted to jump for joy i had to a bit of a sore spot about all this new Living story content.

You see i’m a real lore buff.  I have read both books and have the 3rd on order. I played thru the whole lot of Guild Wars 1 and whilst all my friends were stretching their legs i sat and watched every cut scene and listened to what all the characters had to say.

I thought it was brilliant how A-net had linked the 2 games together with the books and I have really enjoyed the continued Lore from Guild Wars 1 to Guild Wars 2, I even felt somewhat sad the first time i visited Old Lion’s Arch underwater and several other places in Guild Wars 2 that linked to Guild Wars 1.

With that said A-net has introduced to us this new living story content at a cracking pace and i have enjoyed it very much but i couldn’t help but feel like it was all just added on at the last minute to put content into the game…………Like these guys….Image



Like i said, i have enjoyed all this new content but A-net had gone to way too much trouble to build this great story that has arched from one game to the other to just simply keep adding on fill in content…….I was begging for some lore that fits!!!!!!

And then the Bazaar came along……



As soon as I set foot into this content i felt like i was home…….as silly as that sounds my favourite expansion from Guild Wars 1 was Nightfall as that’s where I found my dervish who became my main character.  These people are all of Canthan and Elonian decent!!! Yes yes yes!!

And that was just the start of it……..after more exploring I came across this lesson from one of the Zephyrites…..Image

Yes she’s talking about Glint!!! The dragon in Guild Wars 1!!!! I was soooo excited when I heard this and then the next day A-net released a short story piece about how the Zephyrites became the keeper of the dragons……….. here is the link if you missed it.

So pretty much all these magical crystals around the bazaar and sanctum are pieces of Glint and their using her magic to get around the place with pretty impressive jumping and dash skills.



So I have to say that this patch is by far my favourite, not only is this zone stunning in itself the music to it also takes you away.

I went a little crazy with screen shots simply because I know i’m going to miss it so much when cruel cruel A-net take it away from us, but i’m hoping that it’s going to lead us to more exciting and juicy lore from the past and maybe even The Crystal Desert!!!

I also wish they would keep all these new mini games in the game, I am totally addicted to The Sanctum Sprint. At first I didn’t think I would get into it due to the fact it’s like a giant jumping puzzle but my inner Mario cart days quickly came back to me and i found myself playing ……just one more………and then one more race, over and over again.



So here’s some of the screen shot’s I have taken from the new content, I hope your enjoying it as much as i am, and please leave a comment about your thought’s on then new content………What are you enjoying about it?  Where do you think this is going to take us?

And for now I need to get back to racing………. 🙂
















Dragonbash and Rainbow ponies……



 So a lot has happened since my last blog and the reason for the huge gap is i have been super busy with real life stuff so haven’t had the chance to sit and write, but there’s also been a lot going on in game aswell………Like Dragonbash!!!!

”Bash the dragon, Smash the dragon”  Did that song not get stuck in your head for at least a day or two?? 

I got VERY excited about this patch as soon as i saw wings i knew i wanted them and i knew i would do anything i had to do to get them…….And so it began……..Smashing Pinatas farming holographic minions in certain maps which became a race on the first night to see who could get there first as everyone else on the server was doing the same thing i was.



I must say though LA looked amazing!! This would have to be my second favourite celebration in Guild Wars 1 and 2 the first being Halloween. The stingy ole djinn Zommoros looks amazing done up as a dragon with something coming out of it’s mouth……i have heard people say he’s being sick?? Maybe??



And then there was Dragon ball………Wow did i have fun in there!!! It’s so fast paced and they have you running round stealing skills for yourself to use against enemy player’s and flying around on this crazy  map with jumping pads that send you flying thru the air…  have to try it on an asura……the animations when your flying are hilarious!!  I loved every second of it and wish it was staying in the game permenantly as it’s so much better than Keg toss.

I bet my money on some moa races……just as i thought i had figured out a pattern i lost almost all my gold after a really bad spout of bad luck and as it turns out there is no real pattern anyways it’s pretty random……of course!!
So i walked away from there with light pockets and only enough wins to complete the acheivement, I think my days of gambling are over 😦

And so oneday whilst exploring the world of tyria i came across a ranger……..we started killing a mob together when i noticed she had the bow that shoots out rainbow ponies!!!!

I was awestruck!! I just stood there staring at it……….And at that moment i decided i had found the legendary that i was going to grind for.  I’m a horsey girl in Real life so for me to own a bow that shoot ponies in game just seemed to fit, just one problem though….I didn’t have a ranger…….

And so Miranda Stark was born!!!

ImageI really enjoyed the whole experience leveling this girl, taking my time completing maps and running around with my mate yogi, who i later found out to be VERY photogenic…..

ImageHe loves the camera……

ImageAnd no matter where we were he always managed to put on a smile for the camera or make himself at home at other peoples houses….



Whilst traveling thru tyria now for the 4th time i still managed to find things that i never saw on other characters whilst exploring thru the maps. I found a small map called the ‘Chantry of secrets’ Which was a town in Guild wars 1.  I went thru the portal and found it was a hideout for the whisper’s agents in Guild wars 2 and that they were very serious about it being kept a secret and made me swear i wouldn’t tell anyone they were here.


ImageAnd so with the help of Makeover kits Miranda changed her look a couple of times ……Image

But eventually settled on red/black hair……for now.

ImageI found a secret jumping puzzle in a cave that myself and friend had some fun trying to figure out the Indiana Jones style of opening gates and collapsing bridge, when finally we had to try and jump onto the ship for the treasure of course…….Image



That proved to be a very difficulty challenge for 2 people who were absolutley hopeless at jumping puzzles.  Sadly we failed and never made it onto the ship but we had a heap of fun and laugh’s trying and have said we will go back again soon for another try.

I almost forgot to mention that i was one of the lucky few to get a Jade weapon ticket from one of the first coffers i opened when Dragon bash started.  I was pretty happy about that and after a few days and once a bug ingame was fixed i finally got the shatterer wings and equipped them onto Miranda and also gave her an Awesome Jade dragon longbow to finish the look.

ImageA very happy Miranda Stark with her wings and new Bow. So i would say i had a blast playing thru dragon bash and hope to see dragonball put into the game permanantly.

Now i best get back to farming if i want Rainbow Ponies…………








Mmo chick Update……




So it’s been a long time since my last entry and there is a reason for that………..I actually ran out of stuff to write about!!!

I hit a major lull in GW2 for a while so i took a holiday from Tyria and decided to try out Tera again since it’s free to play now i got nothing to loose……right?


Upon entering this game you have to admit that it’s graphics are stunning!! I got some nice shots of the starting Island of Dawn.



And i have to admit that the zoom in screenshot mechanism in this game makes it so easy to get that great shot you really want.

After creating a human i came to realize even though all the females are over sexualized the animations for the human female running is nowhere near as bad as the Elin or the elves animations and so i found it a little better to play this time.  Also i went with a melee Warrior this time which i have to admit the action combat made this class heaps of fun!!


So after running into a few invisable walls that weren’t there and pushing the dodge button waaaay too many times i eventually got my character to lvl 8 i think before my computer got a nasty virus and had to be wiped of everything on it.

So that was the end of my Tera experiance, and while i did enjoy it a little more this time i still don’t think it’s great enough to hold me for any longer than it did since all the quests are pretty much the same grinding monsters. I do know there’s BAMS ( Big Ass Monsters ) further on down the road and i was looking forward to coming across one…..maybe next time.



So after that I went back to Guild Wars 2 and realised how spoilt i have been playing this beautiful unique game.

And since my return i have done a lot. Snarly is now lvl 80 and has been happily exploring Orr with her new armor.



Also since the release of the new makeover kits Zaya has had a few changes made to her appearance a couple of times and she has also hit 80.


ImageZaya with some rocking purple hair!

ImageZaya how she is now…..a pure blonde.

Also Sneaky Finally got Full map completion!! Yaaay!!!! And she also loved the Super Adventure Box!



So that’s 3 lvl 80 characters i have……..and 2 gifts of exploration……..yet i still have no idea if i want to start the long grind that is a LEGENDARY WEAPON.  I also have no idea what i would make if i were to go for one???



And so for now it’s to another characters journey for now. At the moment i have Snarly Barbie an elementalist who is sitting at lvl 43 right now.



And 2 other projects that have yet to reach lvl 20 so i will not reveal their information as they are still on the chopping block to get deleted if i change my mind.

Going thru this game now for the third and forth times on different characters i have to say that there’s always new things that i discover…..whether it be an event that i didn’t come across last time or just listening more to what the npc’s are talking about and them leading you to new places, i am still enjoying this game as much as ever.

I am also always looking for people to run around and adventure with on my journeys thru Tyria, so if you would like to join me please send me a PM or mail in game to snarly.3891 i’m on Sea of sorrows.

And just let me know you read my blog so i know who you are and your not a troll 🙂

See ya soon 🙂





LFG TA EXP and The Vision Of The Mists.

So after much grinding i finally present to you….The Vision Of The Mists Greatsword.Image

She’s pretty isn’t she??

So a couple of weeks ago i walked into Lions Arch with my bags full of goodies and walked right up to the ole Mystic Forge and simply placed all my items into it and out popped this little beauty.


Ingredients are: 250 Orichalcum Greatsword blades, 250 Globs of Ectoplasm, 1 Eldrich scroll and 100 Mystic coins.


Watch out for Sneaky now, she’s lethal with her new sword!!

Such pretty animations and partical effects.


So after Sneaky crafted her sword, the next thing she wanted to strive for was a really good looking set of exotic armor.  She was saving for the rest of the Cultural t3 outfit but since she bought the first piece that armor set has become very popular amongst other noble humans in tyria.  Sneaky doesnt like to blend in with everyone else and so she decided to go for something a little less common and a little more challenging to aquire.

She had always liked the Flower armor set you get from exploring the depths of the Twilight Arbor dungeon and so the decision was made.  Sneaky had never set foot in this dungeon as yet so this was exciting………….That excitement was short lived and soon turned into frustration when after 30 mins Sneaky was still trying to find 4 other brave soldiers to enter the dungeon with.

Why doesn’t anyone want to run this dungeon??  There were never ending recruitments for Fractals of the Mists and Citadel Of Flames but no takers on Twilight Arbor 😦

Finally…………Sneaky found a group and she soon learned why there was very minimal people that wanted to enter the depths of the nightmare court and thier many nasty plant friends.


It soon became obvious that unless you with an experienced group of people that this dungeon is VERY challenging!!

The poison……it’s everywhere……….The spiders……….thier everywhere…………Nightmares and hounds and husks……oh my!


I managed to get this lovley shot of the tree boss whilst Sneaky was doing her best sleep on the job impression.

So after many runs of this dungeon, all different paths taken many deadly blossoms aqquired, Sneaky finally got her Twilight Arbor exotic set of armor which she will never be taking off.  On her way there she met many new friends who helped her thru this tricky dungeon and some not so helpful friends aswell but you always run that risk when you get a PUG, but most of the groups were polite and helpful 🙂

gw694 gw692


So a big thank you to everyone who helped Sneaky thru TA she is very happy now in her flower suit with her pretty Purple Sword!

What to do now…….



My Altholism.


So i made it thru the silly season or in Guild Wars 2 they call it ‘Wintersday’ , although thru all the stress of real life going on every night i looked forward to jumping on and finding out what toy frame we would get from the tixx dungeon tonight?? Finding a group and playing thru the dungeon, Having snowball fights with random people and making them angry……ahhhhhhh it was fun!!

But what have i been doing since you ask???

Well i have been super busy leveling up Alts.

It turns out i have many and if they make it past lvl 20 without being deleted then i can safely say thier here to stay.

So allow me to introduce to you some of my alts in work at the moment 🙂

First of all you have already met Snarly.

She is almost lvl 80 sitting half thru lvl 79 at the moment and has just arrived at the lovely island of Orr.

ImageI will do more of an update on her once she reaches her big number 80, but apart from that she’s doing well but still has a slight drinking problem and has been spotted at the local tavern on more than a few occassions.



My next new friend comes from a little pyramid type place in Metrica province. Her name is Midnight Zaya.



Although she comes across as super confidant, She’s really a shy little asuran who used to get teased at synergetics college for making minions everytime she sneezed. She used to stay by herself all the time to save her from the embarrassment of her problem.



It wasnt until oneday when at college a t3-80 golem went on the rampage and Zaya happened to sneeze at the right time to make a minion that then went on to devour the golem in a record time of 10.3 seconds.  Zaya then became excepted from her fellow classmates and teachers. They all went on to reasearch what Zaya and her minions could do and realized she has a power all of her own.



She is now a happy little asura who loves long walks on the beach and hanging out with her friends and  is much loved and needed to help guard against the evil that is lurking around every corner in Tyria.



She is also loves a bit of fishing and is aways seen feeding the local wildlife.

She is currently sitting at lvl 39.

Another Alt of mine that is still very new is Stealth Snarl.


Not a lot is known about this blonde bombshell aside from that she’s a lvl 18 thief and loves to slice and dice foes with her duel daggers.

She doesn’t say much and you might see her if your quick enough stealth in and back out of combat again like she was never there.



So far all i’ve heard is that she loves the snow because thats where she came from and she has a thirst for blood that is kinda scary.

Hopefully over time we get to know her a bit better, I mean she is still only young.

So what’s Snarly been up too??

ImageWell she saved up enough gold to buy her t3 cultural skirt which looks pretty darn nice if i dont say so myself.

She also took another trip down memory lane, on her journey for map completion the other week she stumbled across another old ruin of her ancestors.  In Gw1 Droknar’s forge was a bit of a nightmare to get around being in the middle of the snowy shiverpeaks with some of the nastyest monsters you will ever encounter on your way there.  Once you stepped inside you could easily get lost amongst the wooden ramps and walls. People used to pay money to have someone run them from Beacons Perch another village in the shiverpeaks to Droknars forge because only he bravest of men and women ( people who had a great running build) could make it there alive.

Sneaky’s old ancestor was a well know Drok’s runner in her day making a fair income from it to fund her expensive armor habbit.



And seeing it like this was again very sad for myself and Sneaky and we got that eery feeling as we swam down in the wrecks of Droknars.



Sneaky has also been busy with dungeons and fractals of the mists which she enjoy’s very much and has had the help of a great group of friends to help her thru them.



ImageAll these dungeon runs are helping Sneaky get ever so close to her sword Vision of the Mists, which she only needs some more ecto’s and a few more mystic coins and that pretty purple sword will be hers 🙂

So until next time…………………..I’m off to save some refugee’s……..





Goals you say??………I have many!!

ImageFirstly i would like to apologize for my lack of blog lately, With Xmas just around the corner my life gets super busy and the writer’s brain in me dissapears due to lack of sleep, stress etc. 

So what have i been up too??

Well i have been doing a bit of reading and podcast listening and am hearing a lot of people getting bored with the game and loosing interest once hitting 80.  It really hit me when a favourite podcast of mine from a year before game release has changed it’s shows from once a week to once a fortnight due to the lack of things to talk about and on the off week are doing a podcast for another new game.  Poor A-net can’t win!! They release new gear for people to strive for new dungeon’s, new content EVERY month with NO SUB and they STILL have the whinning little babies. 

Well you know what, I hope the babies take their whinning elsewhere to another game where they can sook with other sooks because i think it’s darn rude of them and people like that will never be pleased with any game!

ImageBack to the blog topic, I can’t believe people are saying there’s nothing to do at lvl 80………Not sure what game there playing but i sure have plenty to do!!

I have been playing this game since beta and i now have a lvl 80 mesmer who has 75%map completion a lovely selection of dyes , almost full set of exotic armor and 1 piece of tier 3 cultural armor. I also have a a lvl 54 guardian and a lvl 25 necromancer and am enjoying every second with all these guys!! I also do have a real life but i jump on Guild Wars every evening when all is quiet 🙂

To me I haven’t even came close to completing the game or being bored of lvl 80, I still have only completed 2 story mode dungeons , which i can’t believe because i’m such a dungeon head. ( I decided after the first 2 dungeons if i wanted any kind of coin in this game to wait till i hit lvl 80 to do the dungeons as it was costing me too much in repairs,  guess i’m a crappy player or something ) I am also still striving for all 400 dye colors without buying from the tp, as well as leveling up all crafting disciplines,   I have also decided not to go for a legendary on my mesmer but something i rather like better and that i think was made for the mesmer and that being the greatsword Vision of the Mists.  

At 1 Eldrich scroll,100 mystic coins, 250 globs of ecto and 250 Orichalcum greatsword blades it’s not going to be easy but it’s still a goal i think is reachable but i will have to do some hard work to get there aswell.  Just like my chaos gloves in GW1 I need the ECTOS!!

ImageI haven’t even thought about what i want to do with my Guardian in the way of weapons etc yet or my necro as i’m still working them thru the map at a slow pace to hit 80 but that’s ok there’s no hurry 🙂

I did manage to get this awesome Jotun Greatsword skin for Snarly the other day which i really like and will keep until i decide on something better.



I have also hardly played WvWvW which i would like to really get into later and have never even stepped into a PvP map as yet.  There’s sooo left for me to do not to mention allllll the achievements including the ever so fun Jumping puzzles that we all love to hate 🙂

And then A-net go and release super fun holiday content ( bring on Wintersday) and they tell us that a huge expantion is on the way for january/february.  How people could get bored in this game has got me beat??? 

ImageSo whilst Sneaky runs around in her holiday colored armor i ask you………What are you doing in Guild Wars 2 right now?? Are you bored at 80?? Or are you just loving the game as i am even on several other characters??

Until next time…………I’m off to find some ecto’s 😉





Something Stirs……….And then i missed it!!

So the dust is still settling in Southsun Cove after the BIG one time event as i am writing this.  Did i see it???…….No 😦 I got my times muddled up and logged in just as people were posting all there nice loot from the chest into the chat, which made me furious of course so i thought i would come over here and write 🙂



So my version of events from this weekend went something like this……..

Logged in on my (australian) saturday and received all the mail of what was happening, it seems i had already missed the battle for lions arch where the lighthouse was damaged, so i was pretty sad i missed that but i moved on and got over it.  So i decided to go to where the letter was telling me to go which was a little town in the map of Kessex Hills down by the water ( excuse me for not remembering the name i have fish brain)  I just wanted to see…..and perhaps kill a Karka!!!!

I had heard about them  but not actually seen one in game yet so off i went………

When i got there i ran to where the event was, which was in an upstairs room FULL to the brim of people who were all complaining it was bugged and not working.  So went to sleep………………..Zzzzzzzz


Well Sneaky did anyways.  After waiting around for a lil bit ( about an hour) I decided to go questing with my friends.  I later recei7ved another mail telling me to go to Vaithan Lake because somethings happening there, but again we got there and it was bugged or at least nothing was going on 😦

Finally on MY Sunday i logged in again only to find out that i missed another event that unlocked the new Island 😦 Sad faces all around 😦

So i jumped on a ship and took myself there to check it out.


So Sneaky then went exploring which she does love to do and she FINALLY got to take down her first Karka!! At first the Island was a bit boring with no events going on, I wasn’t sure if there were meant to be events or only the main ones that i had missed but after logging on later in the night i found heaps of fun events happening and had a really good time.

I also have to say that Wow this place is so pretty!! I have a heap of nice shots to share with you:)

I also have to share that I, Me, myself finished a Jumping puzzle on the island ( no. not the reeealy hard one) but still it’s a puzzle and you have to jump to finish it and it only took me about 46 times, and this ones meant to be easy :/

But i was playing on Snarly and she got the loot and was so proud!!

So now it’s Monday morning (Aus time) and it’s all over and done with, i missed almost all the events but still enjoyed exploring the new island. I cant wait to see what Xmas will bring us???


You have to love the new Karka backpacks they brought out 🙂

And the new helm and pants set.

Sneaky taking down a Veteran Karka!

And Snarly lazing around in one of the huts on the island paradise.

Sneaky found some interesting bones under the sea???

Looks like an island paradise.

But it’s really not.